Plant-based, vegan chocolate and desserts

It all began with

a few experiments

in the kitchen...

We were over denying ourselves.

Some of our favourite foods may look and taste delicious, but too many of them are full of fat, sugar, and artificial nasties that make us feel bloated, tired, even unwell.

We were over denying ourselves, so we tried substituting the thrill of a treat with 'healthy' alternatives but, when we read the ingredients, found that many 'good' or 'natural' foods are really not all that good, natural or healthy. If you can't pronounce an ingredient —or even know what it is — chances are that you don't want to eat it either. 


The thrill was gone. 

We want food that

looks good, tastes

good, does good....

No compromises.

So we began experimenting. Combining the powerful chemistry of just a few natural ingredients (and some patience and perseverance), we began creating some delicious and nutritious treats. Without compromising on the taste and texture of familiar and traditional foods, the only compromise we made was thinking laterally and deleting a lot of unnecessary ingredients. The thrill was back! 


URBAN KITCHEN Foods doesn't produce diet foods or health foods, just good foods. Eat well and you will never have to watch what you eat again.

“Products that can truly be labelled as unique.”


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