The BEAUTÈ collection of chocolate has been created not just for taste and enjoyment, but functional wellness. These hand-crafted fresh chocolates are produced from all natural plant-based ingredients: just a blend of cocoa and cacao, coconut oil, and maple syrup - a pinch spoon per chocolate - and therapeutic grade essential oils. Small, dark, and satisfying, this complex and intense collection of flavours is designed to give you a peaceful moment of happiness that will not only satisfy sweet cravings, but activate your energy levels, boost your mood, and revive your complexion, hair, and nails.


Recommended dosage: 1 a day


Free from refined sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, artificial additives and preservatives. Nothing but good.  


12 chocolate box (6 x 2 flavours) includes Grapefruit & Baobab, Maca & Cinnamon, Matcha Tea & Ginger, Lavender & Lemon, Wild Orange & Cardamon, and Peppermint & White Tea.  


  • BEAUTÈ is a fresh and wholly natural product. We recommend eating at room temperature to fully enjoy the flavour combinations. Refrigerate upon delivery and keep chilled. Best eaten with 4 weeks after delivery.


  • Postage and packaging is included within price for orders to Ireland and the UK.


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